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Welcome to Lil Wildlings Daycare



       Lil Wildlings is a multi-age center where creativity and imagination are our top priorities. I implement preschool programming and our days are filled with art, stories, circle time, yoga and plenty of outside play in our giant yard.

The children enjoy a variety of activities every day that develop their social, cognitive, and gross motor skills. I believe in busy hands when the children are busy and interested they learn endless life skills. In a multi-age setting the children's social skills will be tested and grow. They will learn important skills such as sharing, turn taking and cooperation. Independence is something I encourage greatly. Self help skills help children to gain confidence in their ability to try new things and build their self-esteem. The best part about choosing Lil Wildlings Daycare is the family dynamic. I care so much about the children in my center I work very hard to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment, not only will I prepare them academically and socially for kindergarten we will have a ton of fun while doing it.


          Children have unlimited potential. I'm dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere full of laughter to properly guide their growth and develop their skills. The early years in a child's development are crucial and influential time. Having them in a social, busy, and fun environment gives them the opportunity to learn social skills, expand cognitive skills, and strengthen physical development


.        As a educator I use positive reinforcement. I focus on what the children can do rather than can't do. I believe in promoting independence  as much as possible with proper modeling, I will give each child the time and patience needed to problem solve on their own. Children learn naturally through play and with using emergent curriculum I will provide the children with interesting  and age appropriate  activities to keep their minds stimulated.

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