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A Little About Me



   I'm Miss Jessica and I'm the owner and operator of Lil Wildlings Daycare. I'm 31 years old and have been an Early Childhood Educator for 10 years and have been operating my own for over 6 years. I'm married to an amazing man and have a beautiful 1 year old daughter and another on the way!!!  My business is my other baby I'm extremely proud of the environment I provide for the children in my care. I enjoy watching their interest and finding new and exciting toys, equipment, and activities to further their learning and creativity. I have worked very hard over the last 6 years to implement a curriculum and schedule that works best for everyone's needs. 

My favorite thing about our daycare day is outside time I have a beautiful big back yard with so many things to keep young minds stimulated and growing muscles active!! When weather permits it, we do everything outside we have picnics and do art and circle outside we even do our yoga or movement activity outside!! We get dirty too!!! We make mud in the sandbox and we have a garden the children tend to learning about bugs, heathy eating, and plant life cycles! I enjoy program planning fun themes and new activities like hatching chickens, babysitting baby ducks, and raising caterpillars!! We are different than a big center with lots of children and employees, everyone in my daycare is like family we look out for each other in anyway we can we are a team to make sure the children have everything they need to succeed!!




Some Preschool Fun

Name Recognition


Learning to spell your name is the first step in learning to write your name. The children in the center all have name cards and each morning I put the names of the children attending on that day on the table. Once they take their coats and shoes off they get to find their name and put it on the Welcome Chart. This is a visual key to helping to recognize the letters in their name. I also in afternoon circle pull a name card with a puppet out of the name box and they children put their name in the box and get to choose a song or story from the board. This repetitive action helps the children learn to recognize their name through fun learning experiences.

Letter Books


The letter books are a fun and age appropriate coloring book that gets the children to color a picture (one for every letter in the alphabet). Each picture has an upper case and lower case letter each one has a color to match it. The children get to find all the upper case letters and color them a specific color and same for the lower case. The children love this activity especially during quiet time and for the older children there is another worksheet where they can practice tracing the words.

Number Books


The number books are something new I discovered and am trying out and the children love them. They feel so proud when they complete a page it's amazing to watch them learn. What's great about the number books are the different aspect it has to keeps them engaged. They get to use bingo dabbers, stickers, and markers to recognize the numbers 1-20.

Circle Time


Morning circle starts with our opening song which gives each child the opportunity to say how they are that day and then we go into show and tell. The morning circle focuses on the calendar, days of the week, and the weather, of course we read a story or two as well.


Afternoon circle focuses on our theme. Songs, finger plays, and movement songs are written on cards and when the child's name is chosen from the name box they get to choose which card they would like to do, again of course there is a story option as well.

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